Pear Page Publishing

Pear Page Logo

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For this project, I knew I wanted to design for a company that had a focus in sustainability—both because that’s something I’m passionate about and because I thought playing off of some sort of plant would be fun. Brainstorming led me to pairing fruit and publishing imagery, and after coming up with a few ideas (Plum & Pen, Peach & Pencil, etc.) I landed on Pear & Page (eventually simplified to Pear Page). I knew right away I wanted one side of the pear to resemble pages (or slices). I drew out a few initial physical sketches and once I had a solid idea of how I wanted to approach the design, I jumped into Illustrator.

I ended up having quite a few variations of the logo, all only slightly different. I played with the leaf structure (two leaves vs. one, solid vs. outline), line weight and type choice. I eventually got to the version you see above. The critiques in class were really helpful. I switched around the company name, as suggested, and adjusted the line weight of the text lines on the pear to add a little more variety (although not by a whole lot—I liked how it looked with one relatively-similar weight).

Thankfully the idea came to me quickly, so that wasn’t too much of a struggle. I did find the editing process a bit difficult though; I wasn’t totally sure when to stop tweaking the design and settle on a finalized version. Choosing a typeface was also a little hard. (There are a ton out there to pick from!) If there were anything I’d change about this project, I’d maybe experiment more with my design. I tried out a lot of things, but they were mostly small changes. I think I could have benefitted from making myself try out something totally different (maybe playing with brush strokes?). Overall, I’m happy with how this logo turned out, though!

Monkey Puzzle Publishing Co.


Emma Percival's logo for Monkey Puzzle Publishing Co.

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Ever since I saw the syllabus for this class, I have been really excited about the logo project. Throughout my design classes in high school, logo projects have been my favorite just because you have so much control over the whole brand of the company as the designer. So much of the company’s image is encompassed in their logo–the public’s first impressions, the company’s values, etc.–that logo designers must take a great deal of care to cleverly and efficiently convey as much as possible in the space of such a small, yet powerful piece of design. With my logo, I wanted to make sure I thought of a company whose purpose and overall feel could be cleverly portrayed through its logo. I went through several different ideas, but with  each I wanted to make sure I had two clear images, like Cloudland or Brainpain, so that the image could easily be read as a clever mesh of two things. I landed on Monkey Puzzle Publishing Co. because I had recently gone to the Lotus Festival, and a few years ago I was able to see a reunion show of the band Monkey Puzzle at Lotus–a name that has two clear images and that I almost immediately had an idea of an image for.

The final design is relatively close to my initial sketches–the image of an intertwining, maze-like and geometric monkey. Initially I had its tail pointing down, but after drawing it the first couple of times, I began to notice how the tail could nicely wrap around the foot and how the arm could wrap around the head to make an even more efficient and visually pleasing maze-like shape. Despite its geometric nature, I knew that I definitely wanted it to have more rounded edges, as if it had been carved out of stone on a Mayan temple or something like that (I have to be honest, Temple Run inspired a lot of my thinking for this logo). This Mayan/ancient temple sort of look that the logo started to take on was also the reason for my choice of a golden color. I wanted to further toy with the idea of some sort of golden, beveled piece of treasure with the color as well as with some lines I tested out in my earlier sketches. Ultimately the beveled look didn’t quite work when I tried it out in Illustrator, so I just stuck with the flat design. I also tried to achieve the same look with a 3D effect, but I prefered the 2D design just because I thought it looked better with the little colored balls in the maze and because it made the logo more scalable overall. By leaving the logo as simple and 2D, it was also able to draw more attention to the shape itself, thereby making it easier for imaginary consumers to “get” the logo.

Upon finishing the design, however, I wished it had been at a higher level of difficulty, if only because I wished I could have used more of the advanced Illustrator techniques I learned in class. But overall I was pleased with the product, as I believe that the reasons for its simplicity were just. However, I did notice that when I was trying out the 3D and beveled effects that it helped to cover up a bit of a worry I had when I first finished the logo, that it looked a tad like a swastika. I suppose that is a danger with any geometric, four-pronged shape, but with this one I felt it especially came through. I would have applied a 3D effect in an effort to get away from the swastika imagery, but other than that I felt that the 3D effect didn’t add anything to the design. By adding the little balls, however, I feel like the swastika effect did go away.

In terms of more general reflections, my time management could have been a lot better, but I was a bit distracted during the week due to the bad news I received on Monday. I wrote the mission statement and designed the style sheet in around 10 minutes, and I think I also forgot to put the actual dimensions of my logos (I put in placeholders), but overall I was pleased with the quick-and-dirty job I was able to do for that part of the assignment. If I had to do this project again, I might try to make another company, just to avoid any possible swastika-ness, and I would definitely keep a better schedule for the project as a whole so that I would be able to play around more with a higher level of difficulty in my logo design. Overall though, I am pleased with how my project turned out.

Unwritten Publishing

Rachel Weather's Logo

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This is the longest amount of time I have spent on a graphic project, and yet I loved it. Designing my logo was really fun and in a way calming to do. I think it turned out pretty well. I was trying to decide between this logo and another more intricate design, but I like the final one I chose. I think the colors are simple yet in a sense regal. It took me a while to reach this final design; I even redid the feather multiple times to make sure it looked detailed enough but simple enough to be sizable. After turning in the design I realized that I wish I would have made the navy blue lighter because in my logo without the words it’s hard to fully see the quill. I also think the navy color looks a little too black.

I spent a lot of time changing, refining, and re-invisioning my design, so I am happy with how my final product. I think if I had more time I would have changed my logo again but I think that’s because there’s always room for improvements.

I chose the publishing company unwritten because I think as a publishing company it would really stand out against other companies because it’s not a word you associate with books/novels. I think it’s harder for me to critique this project because although I can always see improvements needed I know that I put in a lot of time and overall am pretty confident with my design.

In the future I would maybe try to see if the quill would work better placed somewhere else to make the design look more cohesive. However, overall, like I’ve mentioned several times before, I’m content with the final outcome.

Mr. Anime Publishing

Liling Hou's logo

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This is my logo “Mr. Anime” which is a monthly publishing magazine especially for comic and anime. Anime in Japanese is アニメ, so I tried to put these words together and eventually came up with a face. ニ(ni) is the eyebrow, ア(a) is the nose and メ(me) is the mouth.

My first idea was actually to create a logo for a beauty company, but the logo and company name need to be related. Also I felt like a blue butterfly is not special and creative enough for my logo, so I gave up and started to create a new one. Then I spent time thinking about different companies and logos and tried to draw sketches. Finally, I realized that the “anime” in Japanese can be drew like a face, with “Mr” on top just like hair. Although it is not a very attractive and beautiful logo, I believe it is special and suitable for an anime magazine.

For this project, I should have paid more attention to assignment guild first, then I would have noticed we are making a logo for a publishing company. I spent time on weekend trying to make a logo for a cosmetic company and wished to get feedback on Tuesday, then I can finish my project earlier. Eventually I need to redo my logo and I realized I couldn’t design something I really want in a short time.

It’s been more a year since I have taken the J463, I became very unfamiliar with all the adobe software. This also becomes a reason to disturb my thinking process because I am not sure if I can make the logo the way I want.

After seeing each classmate’s logo project, I feel like my graphic design skill as well as my imagination still needs to be improved. Through this project, I realized that I am lack of creativity and I need more brain storming in the future if I want to work at the field of graphic design. Although I am not satisfied with the logo I created, the process of making it enables me to know my own disadvantages and shortage. I really enjoy graphic design and I would love to work in this field if I have chance. I will continue working hard in the future to improve these disadvantages and try to create something that really satisfy myself.

Glow Publishing Logo

Yifan's Logo

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This is the logo that I created for a fictional publishing company called Glow Publishing. The targeted audience would be both male and female from age 20 to 80, who is  interested in home decoration and home design. Glow Publishing would provide people with the best qualified articles and pictures in this area.

When I created the logo, I first came up with the idea about which kind of publishing company I wanted to do. Then decided the color theme. Also, I knew I wanted it to be a simple shape with a elegant look. Therefore I decided to use one letter as the main element of the logo. I create a outer layer of the circle in order to create a glowing effect. With the arced name tittle, the entire logo will look a little bit upscale (at least I think it is like that).

In addition to the main logo, I also created other four variations of the logo. I turned the letter G the other way round and it became a heart shape. I think it is cool.

Overall, I like my logo. I could improve my drawing ability to make the shape look smoother and probably make the 3D look better too.

Castle Publishing

Jiahui's logo

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Here is my first project this semester, the logo design. I choose to design a logo for a publishing company called castle publishing.

Castle Publishing basically publishing books for babies, such as stories or fairy tales. In this case, I choose the outline of my logo as an opening story book. The left side of the book is blue and the right side of it is pink, which stands for baby boys and girls. In order to reflect the theme and name of the publishing company, I draw the outline of a castle as the content of the opening story book. On the top right of the book, I put the name “Castle” there. I twist the letter “C” of the castle, as if there is a moon about the castle at night. In that, overall I’m trying to depict a very pure and peaceful scene for baby. I choose the Gabriola as my font, in that I think it looks soft and magical, which fits for the theme of baby.

Overall my design, I think I like my idea of the design on the castle and color that I choose for babies. The overall tone of the design is unify and solid, and each part of the design is able to be fitted into the overall theme. The thing that I struggled during my design is that it might not easily to figure out the outline as a castle when it is in a extremely small size. And the words would also be hard to read in that size. What I learn from this design is that it is really much easier to do design when I have a basic idea and sketch it out, since previously I used to draw things directly on Ai. That takes much more time and that way would easily make the things that I design not solid, in that I just draw whatever things that I can thinks of and don’t really consider how to combine them as a whole.

Logo: Fifth Ink. Publishing

Miao's logo design

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For this project, I created a logo for the Fifth Ink. Publishing, which releases magazine about the latest visual art on the fifth day of each month. The target audience for this magazine are those who like graphic design.

The original idea of the logo is a simple “5th” figure. However, since the company’s name include “ink, then I though how about decorate the figure so that it will look like ink splash. The final decided color of the logo is black. I tried to change the color to so as to make it more vividly or attractive. However, the outcome wasn’t satisfied.

There are four variations of the logo. The first one is a standard logo includes image and type. The standard logo “5th Ink. Publishing” is horizontal. I used Myriad Pro, Bold for the “ink” to make it commensurate with the figure. “Publishing” is in Shree Devanagari 714, regular. The color of “publishing” is grey to

I replaced the Fifth with the logo figure, and made a ink splash dot. The second one is the image itself. It is the figure of “5th”. The third is a version that represents the nameplate of periodical. “Monthly” represents that the magazine will be released monthly, and the figure represents the date that magazine would release. Since the “th” is at the top corner of the figure, I put “ink” under the “th” to make the whole logo uniform.  For the last version, I put 5th on the top and type at the bottom. The figure and type are connected together by the splash ink.

Since it is my first time designing a logo, I think I did well. However, I think I need to improve my creation. And I will do better next time!