Sundance Publishing Logo

Sundance Publishing Logo

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When it comes to creating designs from scratch, I don’t consider myself to be the most creative person. So when I heard that our first project was to create a publishing company with an original logo behind it, I was a bit nervous. When it came time to brainstorm, I started thinking of words that would be easy to depict. I started thinking of objects or animals that would be easy to draw, then began thinking of words that could go together to create a catchy name for a publishing company. After quite a bit of brainstorming, I eventually came up with Sundance Publishing. From here, I knew I wanted to create the logo as an abstract figure dancing. Because the name contained the word sun, yellow seemed to be the obvious choice. Originally, my logo just contained one figure, turned to the side, thrusting her leg in the air as her black hair flowed down her back. But then I realized it seemed a bit complicated for a logo, and decided to get rid of the hair. Once I got rid of the hair, however, it seemed as though the figure in my logo was too plain. So, I looked at the color themes pallette in Illustrator and chose the colors for two more figures from there. I eventually created the typography after playing around with the fonts available in Illustrator. Ultimately, I was very happy with what I came up with. I feel as though my design was clean with a bit of an abstract and artsy appeal. I then built my company’s mission off of these characteristics, and am looking forward to using the creative process I developed during this project in future design endeavors.

Soft Claw

Alexa Chryssovergis' logo project

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In my design, I wanted to incorporate typography into the image to create one cohesive idea. I didn’t want the typography to be flat, above or underneath an image separate from it; but rather, I wanted everything to flow together as one piece.

First of all, I knew I wanted the logo to reflect something about myself or my personality, so I chose to combine the idea of 1. cats and 2. strong women into one piece of graphic design. I’m a big cat fan, and I’m a big fan of strong women.

The idea for the company name came from these two combinations of things. I tried to think of cat-like features that were short words and would be easily incorporated into a logo, and I settled on “claw.” The word itself is sharp and catchy. Then I thought of an adjective I could use to modify the claw. I wanted it to be something that contradicted the idea of a claw, because the strongest women go against the grain and don’t stand for the status quo. I also wanted the overall sound of the company to flow and be appealing to the ears. I ended up settling on “soft” because I realized that the top of a cursive “s” could easily be turned into a cat ear shape.

From there, the logo developed. I messed around with the letters and cat ears until they looked like what I wanted, and I picked a typeface that had soft curves yet sharp edges all in one. I chose a color palette with soft yet contrasting colors.

I’m happy with the outcome. I think my logo reflects my personal interests and my mission of creating a logo for a company that stands up for and recruits strong women’s work.