Gabrielle’s Influence Poster


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My Influence for this Poster was actually a combination of two designers who work together, Richard Perez and Jennifer Derosa. I chose these designers as an influence because they are relatively young and have a very current take on design. Their style is simple, clean, and very geometric. They have done work for Facebook, Google, Fitbit, and many more current and relevant companies.

The two designers have a very fun design style, which is what originally lead me to choose them as inspiration. The bright and vibrant colors draw in the eye, and often their designs have a moving component to them, like a gif. I really liked the idea of being able to express yourself through a design that does not have to be very serious, but is playful and inviting.

I believe the idea behind their work is to “invite” people in with their happy and playful designs. The liveliness of the colors and the simplicity of the designs really helps create an inviting image for viewers to enjoy.

In my poster I really tried to emulate the light and playful imagery that Perez and Derosa use. I did this by choosing some of their signature vibrant colors, often they use a combination of primary colors. The color scheme was the easiest part, after that it was difficult to design the person on the bike to match the style of the designers. I had difficulty getting the proportions right at first. It was also a challenge to make the poster look less like a bike ride and more like a bike race. I made the small stip of “track” under the bike to help solidify the idea of a bike race.

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