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For this project, I chose the story about old technology because I am the person obsessed with vintage stuff. To represent “old tech”, the visual selection can be Polaroid camera, Vinyl records, flip phones and vintage cars. My first selection is vinyl, however, we’ve already done a class exercise about it. To substitute the “vinyl” idea, I chose to use cassette. Cassette is kind of old technologies booming at certain period, and now there still have some people using that. And then, using the cassette tape curves and twists to form my headline so that it can be the part of visual illustration.

In order to build the connection between old technologies and the current trend, I named the headline as “old fashion is turning back” so that it tells old technologies are still fashionable in current age. Additionally, this headline is consistent with my visual illustration. That is, the cassette tape goes far away and then comes back to the cassette case, that just likes the old technologies leaving away and then coming back.

In terms of the color choice, I got the inspiration from Cuban buildings. In the picture of Cuba, it has many colorful buildings, and a lot of vintage cars. And the whole style enables me to feel vintage but fashionable. Therefore, I applied this style to my design. Using warm yellow as the main tone and decorating with dark green and dark brown as the color of tapes, which allows the visual illustrate to be more pop up and more balance.

For the typography, I drew the headline and byline based on “dancing script” and applied three-dimensional effects so that it is consistent with the position of cassette. Because the headline and byline are more complex, I tried to make deck and story start to be simple. Therefore, I chose basic san serif and serif typographies. Additionally, applying dark green to deck so that it is stand out and be consistent with the whole visual illustration.

Overall, I feel good with this project. The biggest challenge for me is to draw headline. I chose “dancing script” as a base, and then tried to connect all point. It’s difficult for me to connect all and keep readability. Bur, finally I did a good job!

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