Olly Moss Influence Poster

Little 500 Olly Moss-inspired Poster

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My Little 500 poster was inspired by the graphic designer, Olly Moss. Moss is a British designer who was born in the UK in 1987. He continues to work in the UK and has designed several famous works, especially his work on the Rocky movie poster. His designs all center around movie posters. Moss’ posters range from stylistically minimalist to complex, detailed designs. Most, if not all of his posters, minimalist or complex, center around one specific item or concept and rarely feature more than one idea. For example, in his Howl’s Moving Castle poster, the entire poster focuses in on only the moving castle, but the actual detail on the castle is so intricate and complex. Conversely, his Dirty Harry poster focuses on the element of the gun but carves a man’s face out of the side of the gun. Using only extremely simple details of eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth he creates small detailed elements on the face. Without those details, the face wouldn’t be as obvious. Otherwise, the gun and the overall poster is not detailed more than that.

For this poster, I went more in the direction of the Dirty Harry poster. Visually, I wanted to

Dirty Harry Poster

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incorporate a similar three-color scheme. I ended up using similar, but not exact colors and in different amounts. The contrast between the dark, medium, and light colors aids in creating the same minimalist feel as the Olly Moss poster. I chose to focus on the most important element of Little 500: the bicycle. In Dirty Harry, the most important element is the gun in order to kill the bad guy. The way the bicycle looks was actually an accident; I didn’t mean to have the two colors cross at the wheels, but I enjoyed the interesting effect it had, so I kept it. I also made sure to include a slight texture on top of the poster, as Moss included in the Dirty Harry poster.


In terms of typographic elements, I wanted my typeface to have the same feel as the Dirty Harry poster with some changes. While I believe Olly Moss chose a Helvetica-inspired typeface, I went for one called Bebas. It looks as though Moss used the same typeface throughout the entire poster, so I kept to the minimalist feel and did the same. I varied my choices in the presentation of “Little 500” because I wanted to play with a more stylized approach and also incorporate a bit more color into this section in order to be more eye-catching. Moss’ poster features an element of movement with the smoking gun, so I chose to incorporate this element into the arrows in the “Little 500” title. The arrows, while not a significant part of the actual event, incorporate a feeling that the bicycle is perhaps going a certain direction or moving. The alignment of the smaller type plays off the wrapping alignment around the gun in the Dirty Harry poster, and I think it achieves its purpose. Finally, I chose to include a QR code to the website in the poster so that it could be a bit more modern and easier to access the website, and I placed it in the same corner that the Dirty Harry featured some more extra information on the movie.

Overall, this was a very fun and creative poster project and I really enjoyed the level of creative freedom I was able to express in making my poster. I would love to focus on another one of Moss’ posters and try to emulate a more complex style of his going forward.