Throughout the semester, we will be producing a good deal of work during the lab portions of class. On some of these exercises, you will work in teams, and in others, you will work alone.

The goal of these exercises is to allow you real-world design opportunities in a limited and supervised environment. All will involve a high level of creativity and technical ability from you. Often, you will be provided with materials (images, etc.) to guide your efforts. Some examples of the work we’ll do as in-class exercises include, but are not limited to, a Fairey-style poster of yourself, logos, pictographs, book cover design, CD cover design, a nightclub flyer, a postcard for a film festival, a travel poster, type designs, an example of pop art and conceptual illustrations.You will post all of these efforts to your page on this site.

Also: None of these exercises will be detailed until the day we work on them.

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