Little 500_Yulin Yu

I use Milton Glaser’s design for influence. Through analysis, I found his work tend to be flat, sample color, involve with lots of black in the main characters, and combining different object in one shape/characteristic to suggest a deeper meaning.

At the beginning of the design process, I am researching Glaser’s style and try to find his design process. I looked at his work produced in last 50 years, from United Nations to Mad Men, to Columbia Records to Jet Blue and I love NY. I found Glaser enjoy to use color to express. The way he use color is very interesting. In the main character, such as the figure in Columbia Record. He uses black to present the shape but use color to present the shape and feeling of the hair. In the madmen, we can also see similar tend. The main figure, the man in the suit’s back is in black. And the screen the man looked at is depicted by color. The idea of presenting in combination shows in United Nations. The hand is a hand and also pigeon which has two layers of meaning, human hands and peace. Glaser enjoying combining things with different characters together to suggest meaning with multiple layers.

Thus, When I design the poster. I meaning focus on the black/white space, color, and multi meaning presenting. The texture of the 5 is the texture of tracks. The color suggests different team and the flying bike wheels suggest the competition of different team, the cultural communication of little 500, and the youngness.

I have trouble for deciding what background to use at the beginning. At first, I want to put grass as background to present more element in the competition. However, with the existed texture of the font and the wheel, the background make the poster a bit messy. Also, Since Glaser enjoy playing with the negative space, I decide to use white.

I still want to keep improving the composition of negative space and do more creative things in it. Otherwise, I think the overall idea present what Glaser wanna do with Little 500.